Your first session lasts between 1 and 2 hours, during which we will work on releasing or neutralising any issues connected to your goal. You’ll also learn how to use self hypnosis to continue working on your own at home. Most follow-up Hypnotherapy sessions last about an hour. This includes time for us to ‘check in’ and talk about anything that may have come up since previous sessions, have me guide you into a relaxed trance state and do some deeper level work, then a debrief to close the session.

On rare occasions there may be times when the check-in lasts for a longer period than anticipated, perhaps there is lots to talk through and understand. This is a valuable part of the process which also brings results and is part of your 1 hour session, should there be no time left for Hypnosis to be conducted.

I am always mindful of the use of time during our session together, and will let you know how we are doing for time.