Before working with new clients, I always offer a free consultation.

This is an opportunity for us to talk about your goals and anything you wish to work through.

The amount of sessions needed to get results varies from person to person, depending on the nature of their goal and how long the issue has been presenting itself.

During the first session I will guide you into hypnosis and do some preliminary work to set you up for success, prompting your subconscious to reveal anything we may need to know to get results. During follow up appointments I work on a deeper level to address any blocks preventing you from reaching your goal.

Hypnotherapy is a journey of self discovery, the process can be likened to removing layers of skin from an onion; each layer revealing something new beneath.

Clients who are willing to learn about themselves and take the time to develop and grow get the best results. As a hypnotherapist I facilitate healing by strategically guiding clients to finding the solutions to their challenges. The subconscious mind always has the answer.

I provide on-going support throughout this journey, and my door is always open to new and returning clients.

Payment for 6 sessions up front qualify for a discount, alternatively you can pay-as-you-go.