Please read through these Frequently Asked Questions which contain much information about how Hypnotherapy can help you!

If your questions remain unanswered, please CONTACT ME or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT for a free consultation.

Can I be Hypnotised?2024-06-10T10:37:47-06:00

The short answer is Yes! In fact we naturally enter into a hypnotic state where our subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions at least twice a day. This happens in that moment right before you fall asleep, and before you awaken.

We also access this receptive state of mind during times of concentration. Concentrating on a creative project, such as painting or writing, taps into the same brainwave state; the same can be said for physical activity.

Have you ever been so caught up in the moment of what you are doing, that you have lost track of time? Or perhaps been busy doing chores and had a flash of inspiration about a problem that’s been on your mind? This is also a result of being in the same ‘Alpha’ and ‘Theta’ brainwave state we access during Hypnotherapy sessions.

I use a series of techniques to guide you into a relaxed state, accessing the creative part of your mind. Your subconscious mind is 90% of your brain power, by tapping into this we can achieve amazing results!


What does Hypnosis feel like?2024-06-10T10:37:25-06:00

I use a technique called ‘progressive relaxation’ with most clients, gradually guiding them into a relaxed state of mind and body.

Some people naturally go into a deep state of relaxation with their mind drifting and wandering. Others may stay more alert, feeling relaxed yet still listening to every word I say.

My clients get results, regardless of the depth of the trance state. The subconscious mind is always listening and processing the suggestions I give during the session, providing the they are considered to be beneficial.

It’s important to note you, are always in control during my hypnosis sessions. You can move to become more comfortable, or communicate anything you wish verbally. There may be moments of inspiration where an important piece of the puzzle comes to mind.

Expect to feel pleasantly peaceful and calm. You will feel relaxed and in a more positive frame of mind by the end of the session!

Can I talk about my needs before booking a session?2024-06-10T10:37:06-06:00

I offer a free 20 minute consultation either by phone or on Zoom. This gives us an opportunity to discuss your needs and goals, and for me to advise on how to proceed.

However, if you are uncomfortable talking about the specifics of your issue, many of the techniques I use allow you to keep privacy, and you only need to share any details you are comfortable with.

When booking an appointment, you’ll receive a welcome video and 30 minute self hypnosis audio, which are the first steps to understanding how the mind works, experiencing a trance state, and getting clear on your goals… these must be watched and listened to prior to attending your first session.

Just visit the Book and Appointment page and fill out the form!

How is Hypnotherapy different from stage hypnosis?2024-06-10T10:36:52-06:00

Many people are familiar with the use of hypnosis for entertainment purposes such as stage shows. The hypnotist invites members of the audience up on stage and then has them carry out amusing acts. These participants have been carefully selected by the skilled hypnotist. They will have exhibited a willingness to take part and typically have the ability to go to a deeper trance state. These audience members are more open to following the hypnotists suggestions at a deeper subconscious level. This gives an illusion that the hypnotist is in control.

Hypnotherapy is quite different. I work with my clients to help reach their goals by using hypnosis as a tool to access the subconscious mind. I communicate to the deeper levels of the mind what the conscious mind already knows. As part of the process I can also elicit from the subconscious that which the conscious mind needs to understand, in order to resolve any issues or clear blockages.

Whilst in a relaxed trance state, the subconscious mind is able to follow positive suggestions and offer insights to anything we need to address in order to move toward desired goals.

Hypnotherapy sessions can have profound and long lasting effects by re-educating the subconscious mind by updating the messages stored within the long term memory.


How do I book a Hypnotherapy session?2024-06-10T10:36:29-06:00

I always request new clients have a consultation with me before booking a Hypnotherapy session.

This allows time for us to discuss what you would like assistance with and for me to explain how I may help you.

Consultations last up to one hour and are free of charge, and take place either in person (in Victoria BC) or via webcam for remote clients.

If you have worked with me before, please book hypnotherapy sessions directly.

Please use this booking calendar to schedule your appointment.

How long does a Hypnotherapy session last?2024-06-10T10:36:11-06:00

Your first session lasts between 1 and 2 hours, during which we will work on releasing or neutralising any issues connected to your goal. You’ll also learn how to use self hypnosis to continue working on your own at home. Most follow-up Hypnotherapy sessions last about an hour. This includes time for us to ‘check in’ and talk about anything that may have come up since previous sessions, have me guide you into a relaxed trance state and do some deeper level work, then a debrief to close the session.

On rare occasions there may be times when the check-in lasts for a longer period than anticipated, perhaps there is lots to talk through and understand. This is a valuable part of the process which also brings results and is part of your 1 hour session, should there be no time left for Hypnosis to be conducted.

I am always mindful of the use of time during our session together, and will let you know how we are doing for time.



I feel blocked, can you help?2024-06-10T10:35:45-06:00

The short answer is, Yes, absolutely!

I have many effective techniques to help you uncover what is holding you back.

We may discover this during our consultation, or perhaps by prompting your subconscious mind whilst in hypnosis.

Nobody knows and understands you better than yourself. Your subconscious mind accounts for 95% of your brain power. It is your long term ‘memory bank’ which has recorded every experience you have had and the beliefs you have formed along the way.

I will help you discover what is keeping you from moving forward with your goals. Once resolving this, I can set you on the right track and help you focus on the path ahead.


Will I re-experience life events?2024-06-10T10:35:09-06:00

Reflecting on past events from an expanded point of view, can be a powerful healing process.

Perhaps you experienced or witnessed an event which caused some upset at a young age, before you were able to make sense of the situation.

I can guide you safely to observe such times from a distance without re-living the experience. This can lead to a greater understanding and help release any negative emotions or beliefs tied to the event.

I foster a supportive and caring environment for my clients, taking great care to safely guide them through this process.

What is ‘Client Centred’ Hypnotherapy?2024-06-10T10:42:43-06:00

My client centred approach, means I look for the reason why my clients may be experiencing what it is they have come to work through.

Rather than just dealing with easing their symptoms, I work to heal them at a deeper level.

This method can often help resolve other related issues the client may have simultaneously!

I hold all of my clients in positive regard, and take confidentiality very seriously.

How many sessions will I need?2024-06-10T10:43:13-06:00

Before working with new clients, I always offer a free consultation.

This is an opportunity for us to talk about your goals and anything you wish to work through.

The amount of sessions needed to get results varies from person to person, depending on the nature of their goal and how long the issue has been presenting itself.

During the first session I will guide you into hypnosis and do some preliminary work to set you up for success, prompting your subconscious to reveal anything we may need to know to get results. During follow up appointments I work on a deeper level to address any blocks preventing you from reaching your goal.

Hypnotherapy is a journey of self discovery, the process can be likened to removing layers of skin from an onion; each layer revealing something new beneath.

Clients who are willing to learn about themselves and take the time to develop and grow get the best results. As a hypnotherapist I facilitate healing by strategically guiding clients to finding the solutions to their challenges. The subconscious mind always has the answer.

I provide on-going support throughout this journey, and my door is always open to new and returning clients.

Payment for 6 sessions up front qualify for a discount, alternatively you can pay-as-you-go.

Is Hypnosis Safe?2024-06-10T10:34:00-06:00

Yes, absolutely! Your comfort and progress are important to me. My job is to guide you to finding the solutions to your problems and achieve your goals, by turning your attention within.

Your subconscious mind holds the key, as it knows everything about you. Stored within are memories of all your experiences, perceptions and beliefs. This part of your mind is 95% of your brain power, and it is protective in nature. In order to achieve the best results, my job is to assure my clients that they are being well cared for, listened to and understood.

Imagine preparing yourself a warm bath. Would you let the taps run and once the bathtub is full, jump straight in with both feet? No, of course not. First you would look to see if the tub is clean, then check the temperature of the water running from the taps is to your liking. After filling the tub to just the right level, you would again check the water within is a comfortable temperature, before carefully stepping in and easing yourself into the water to unwind and relax. A successful Hypnotherapy sessions is similar in a way….

During our consultation or session pre-talk, we chat about what you are seeking help with. I explain how the mind works in relation to your goal, how I can help you and answer any questions you may have. This also allows time for you to get comfortable in my office surroundings (or communicating via webcam), and for you to become familiar with me. Only then can we proceed with your first Hypnosis session, where I guide you gently into a relaxed and receptive state of mind.

My client centred approach ensures you will progress through hypnotherapy sessions at a pace that is comfortable.


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