hypnosis for weight loss

Stick to your goals with Hypnosis for Weight loss.

Everyone knows that a change of lifestyle and mindset about food and exercise, is what’s required to maintain a healthy weight. Hypnosis for weight loss is an effective method for retraining the subconscious mind, enabling us to make healthier choices around food for long term success.

I offer new clients a free consultation where we discuss their weight loss goals, any previous success, if there are any situations or feelings which trigger unhealthy eating habits. I also look at what messages my client picked up around food and exercise during childhood, which may be influencing their choices as an adult. This allows me to tailor make hypnotherapy sessions which will address their subconscious beliefs around food, in order to help them achieve their weight reduction or fitness goals.

Why often willpower alone isn’t enough to keep off weight

Many weight loss diet plans require strict supervision of calorie intake, or other forms of regulation. This can often be difficult to adhere to, and may involve depriving ourselves of the foods we enjoy. When a client comes to see me for help with weight reduction, they have already tried many methods. They know a lot about what foods they should eat and the portion quantities, what exercise levels they desire. However often they are unable to stick to such plans or choose permanent healthy lifestyle.

This is because the will power required resides within the conscious mind, which is 5 to 10% of our mind power. The subconscious mind accounts for the other 90 to 95% and is where our beliefs and emotions are stored. Often times I begin by giving my client suggestions to make healthier food choices, and to feel disinterested in foods which they have already consciously decided they want to cut back on. By accessing the subconscious mind in hypnosis, I can then match the beliefs with what my client has been working towards at a conscious level with their willpower.

However if after two or three sessions my client isn’t seeing weight loss results, we work together to look at a deeper level.

Uncovering subconscious beliefs and behaviours

The subconscious mind is protective in nature and doesn’t recognise the passage of time, or have a sense of past present and future. It’s not unusual for a person struggling to reduce their weight to have a subconscious belief that holding onto the weight is beneficial to them somehow.

This could have been formed for a multitude of reasons. Such as certain food types fulfilling an emotional need, or perhaps giving a sense of safety. Or a person who has experienced uninvited sexual or physical attention, may have a belief that holding onto weight will make them less desirable. A client who as a child experienced scarcity around food, may feel the need to eat everything on their plate, rather than leave some or choose smaller portions.

Often times such beliefs or blocks are hidden from our conscious awareness, but can be brought to mind in hypnosis under careful safe guidance. I work in an unobtrusive and gentle manner, assuring no memory is relived; but rather observed from a distance to gain clarity. I then address any underlying causes. Thereby reassuring my client on a subconscious level that they can implement more effective and healthier tools to fulfill any need, which food used to in the past. Moving forward after the session, my client is able to make healthier choices with ease and maintain their weight loss. Typically people get long lasting effective results within 4 to 6 sessions, however sometimes ‘top up’ sessions for reinforcing the work done are required.

I work with clients locally in Victoria BC Canada, and also online via private and secure chat room. Book a free consultation to find out how I can help you become a healthier version of yourself, or contact me for further advice.

A client Testimonial

“I have noticed my overall approach to eating seems to be much better. I feel like I’m more aware of my body’s cues and I seem to be taking a step back from the usual 3 meals + snacks/day routine and eating when I’m hungry instead. The food choices are much, much better as well. I’m really happy that things are going this way and I appreciate the work we’ve done.”

~ Beth