“In our consultation together Daniel made me feel at ease and I’d been hanging on to many issues for years with no real solution… I am no longer overcome with panic and agoraphobia, nor am I struggling with the ritual my body focused repetitive behavior created….”

~ Claire

“I am pleasenty surprise on how fast I recover from a phobia who invalidated me since I was a child. I really enjoyed every session I did with Daniel. Thank you!”

~ Gianluca

“My first consultation with Daniel, I mentioned that I am usually a non-conformist  and I have been struggling with quitting smoking for as long as I can remember. I told him ” I QUIT ALL THE TIME”.  LOL  My experience with Inner Voyage Hypnosis and Daniel was calming and encouraging, his soothing voice and gentle suggestions made this experience feel like a safe place to be, then he had to get tougher with me which I think I needed as well. Daniel’s small consultation at the beginning of every hypnosis session really customized the session for my success.  I am now a Non-smoker!”  I think of you and my son every time I think of buying a pack of cigarettes,  YOU just have to say NO.  Thank you Daniel”

~ Cathryn

“This was my first time using hypnosis as a means of therapy. I have to say it is a refreshing and effective way to deal with issues/trauma/baggage. Daniel is an excellent listener and his technique worked for me in just two sessions! I highly recommend him! Hypnosis has helped heal my broken heart.”

~ Mary

“Was very skeptic at first but was willing to try anything for my anxiety. I’m so glad I did, it’s been amazing. I can honestly say it has cured my anxiety. Daniel is amazing. If you are reading this just try it once and keep an open mind and I guarantee you will be back.”

~ Jeff

“I have noticed my overall approach to eating seems to be much better. I feel like I’m more aware of my body’s cues and I seem to be taking a step back from the usual 3 meals + snacks/day routine and eating when I’m hungry instead. The food choices are much, much better as well. I’m really happy that things are going this way and I appreciate the work we’ve done.”

~ Beth

“Daniel is very intuitive and professional”

~ Rick

“My first experience with Hypnotherapy was with Dan Quinton. The entire experience felt grounded and safe, due to the sense of trust I felt with him.  He was perceptive, flexible and sincerely engaged in the process.  I recommend him as a practitioner.”

~ Sue

“Daniel’s help and guidance have been invaluable. Dan took the time to understand my personal needs in detail, and with this knowledge in hand he prepared a custom session. I felt safe at all times and since my first session I definitely felt a change. I highly recommend his professional services.”

~ Ivan

“I was very comfortable working with Daniel and have accomplished much more than i had hoped for. I was a bit skeptical going in but i am truely more than satisfied with the results.”

~ Keith

“Daniel was very professional, compassionate and listened and engaging in asking questions to determine what we will be working on.”

~ Jennifer

“Daniel was prompt and very professional. Very user friendly way to book a consultation with and very informative. I am looking forward to working with him.”

~ Kristin