Hypnosis to quit smoking for good.

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful and bad for your health. By the time a person decides they want to try hypnosis to quit smoking, they have typically tried many other methods. So what would it be like to let go of that old habit more easily by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind?

Why often willpower alone isn’t enough to break the smoking habit.

Perhaps you have already tried cutting down or stopping smoking. Have you had some success, only to find yourself returning to pick up the habit again?

This is because the will power required resides within the conscious mind, which is 5 to 10% of our mind power. The subconscious mind accounts for the other 90 to 95% and is where our beliefs and emotions are stored. Often times smokers are holding on to a belief that was formed when they first started smoking. By accessing the subconscious mind in hypnosis, I help clients update those old beliefs to be in alignment with the goal they are working towards at a conscious level with their willpower.

Uncovering subconscious beliefs and behaviours

The subconscious mind is protective in nature and doesn’t recognise the passage of time, or have a sense of past present and future. It’s not unusual for a person who’s struggling to quit smoking for good, to have a subconscious belief that smoking is beneficial to them somehow.

This could have been formed for a multitude of reasons, such as fulfilling an emotional need, or perhaps giving a sense of safety. For example, smoking to handle stress, manage anxiety in social situations, or to fit in with peers.

Often times such beliefs or blocks are hidden from our conscious awareness, but can be brought to mind in hypnosis under careful safe guidance. I work in an unobtrusive and gentle manner, assuring no memory is relived; but rather observed from a distance to gain clarity. I then address any underlying causes. Thereby reassuring my client on a subconscious level that they can implement more effective and healthier coping strategies and quit smoking for good. Moving forward after the session, my client is able to make healthier choices with ease and break free from the habit of smoking.

Hypnosis to quit smoking 5 steps to success

  1. Gather information about your smoking history in a consultation and / or questionnaire
  2. Address any smoking ‘triggers’, such as stress, boredom, anxiety, alcohol etc
  3. Using mindfulness to focus attention away from smoking to something beneficial
  4. Update any subconscious beliefs that have been causing you to be a smoker
  5. Reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, increase willpower and motivation to be smoke free

Typically people get long lasting effective results within 5 to 6 sessions, however sometimes ‘top up’ sessions for reinforcing the work done are required.

I work with clients online via private and secure chat room. Book a free consultation to find out how hypnosis to quit smoking can benefit you, or contact me for further advice.

A client Testimonial

“My first consultation with Daniel, I mentioned that I am usually a non-conformist  and I have been struggling with quitting smoking for as long as I can remember. I told him ” I QUIT ALL THE TIME”.  LOL  My experience with Inner Voyage Hypnosis and Daniel was calming and encouraging, his soothing voice and gentle suggestions made this experience feel like a safe place to be, then he had to get tougher with me which I think I needed as well. Daniel’s small consultation at the beginning of every hypnosis session really customized the session for my success.  I am now a Non-smoker!”  I think of you and my son every time I think of buying a pack of cigarettes,  YOU just have to say NO.  Thank you Daniel”

~ Cathryn